p5.js sketches

Processing and P5.js

Processing is an intuitive and very easy to use Java library designed to help artist and students to create interactive computer animations.

Until very recently, Java applets were the only simple way to include Processing sketches in web pages. Unfortunately, during the last couple of years these applets have become less and less common in the web. Even some web browsers like Chrome do not support them anymore. P5.js came to solve that problem. It reproduces most of the Processing 2D features (3D still to come) with the added DOM functionalities of JavaScript.

This page compiles some of my p5.js sketches. They all have a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, so feel free to modify them to your needs. You only need to give the appropriate credit to the original work and share them with a similar license. Let's make this world more collaborative and a little bit less restrictive!

Note: some of the sketches are quite computational intensive and might run slow on mobile devices.